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You sit in your garage and stare at it…your wife/girlfriend hates it….your buddies want it….it’s what you’re thinking about when your boss thinks you are working sitting at your desk in deep thought….It’s a passion!

It’s what I have for these cantankerous, leaky, shiny and slightly less than perfect in anyone else’s eyes motorcycles. If we are on the same page you have found the right site. I work on them till I hate them just like you. That is until she fires and I hear that sweet sound and take her down the road!

They aren’t transportation they are elevation. Elevation above the schmoe sitting next to you in his SUV thinking he has it made!

Look at the bikes. Like em’ or don’t, if you do, give me a shout and we’ll build that bike you dream about!

FOR SALE….’91 Harley Davidson Softail

91 Softail Pics-1

’91 Harley Softail custom built by Shadetree Fabrications.

This beautifully built motorcycle has 11,000 original miles. Tires only have 3,000 miles on them.

We built this motorcycle for our shop fender and seat kit installation videos and added numerous custom touches as well as some of our brass accents.

Bike is rode tested.  Just finished riding it from Fort Worth, Texas to Rockingham, NC and back for the Smokeout East!

This will be a great bike for someone looking for a custom bike but also wants a comfortable, dependable, daily rider motorcycle!

**Clear Texas Harley Davidson Title in hand**

  • 180 Rear tire conversion
  • Shadetree Fabrications (STF) Custom rear fender kit
  • Custom STF Sissybar
  • Custom STF seat
  • Narrowed Fat Bob gas tanks
  • Beautiful custom paint
  • Progressive shocks
  • Performance Machine rear brake caliper
  • Custom 80 spoke wheels
  • New GMA hand controls
  • New Accessories Unlimited forward controls
  • Custom narrowed 16″ Apehanger handlebars
  • One-off stainless exhaust
  • Custom brass tail light
  • S&S carburator  

We are asking $12,000 OBO.

Serious inquiries only please.  No trading offers.

US Nationals’ Winner Kyle Shorey talks Custom Sleds @ AMD

US Ultimate Builder Champion!!!!

We are so proud to announce we won the US Ultimate Builder Championship in Indianapolis over the weekend!  It is a huge accomplishment and we feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with Bob Kay and Jeff Najar during the 4 shows we competed in.  They are two incredible dudes running the show.  We have received such great support from them and all of our fans and supporters!  Thank you all.  We are excited to compete again next year!

SPEEDMETAL is on the cover and featured in the upcoming APRIL 2013 issue of IRONWORKS Magazine!!!  Thanks to Marilyn and Vincent Stemp! Also, to Benji Laney for the awesome shots!

LET’s PARTY!! Kyle Shorey after winning the championship trophy in Indy!

Kyle Indy champion cup


We are lucky enough to grace the cover to the FEBRUARY 2013 issue of AMERICAN IRON MAGAZINE!!!  Be sure to pick up your copy today!!!


Kyle Atlanta

Our latest build “Speedmetal” came to us from a good friend, Bill McNabney.  He had this Saxon bike for a few years and was ready to give it a completely different look.  He brought it to us mid-summer and Kyle went to work!   He salvaged the motor, tranny, wheels and brakes…but everything else had to go!  Kyle built the frame, gas tanks, oil tank, handlebars, front end…let’s just say pretty much everything you are looking at was built by Kyle.  He spent a lot of time and paid great attention to detail…the entire bike is hand brushed…that alone took several days and hours!  We pretty much handed a brush to anyone that walked into the shop to help us out… So thanks to everyone that helped!

To date…this bike has taken 1st Place at the J&P Ultimate Builders shows Freestyle class in Atlanta, GA and in Dallas, TX as well as Editors Choice from Ironworks Magazine!  Speedmetal will be featured in the March 2013 issue.

Kyle really let his creativity flow with this one.  It’s definitely not a typical Shadetree bike, but once and a while you gotta do something that leave people scratchin’ their heads..


Sturgis DVD clip

Clip from the ‘3 Million Motorcycles’ Sturgis DVD: